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Araguaney Gran Hotel was constituted in April, 1982. Since then we have turned into an establishment of reference of the Galician catering business.

Araguaney is the essence and symbol of our hotel, joining in the same denomination different cultures. The Arab colors and the nature of Venezuela under the same name.

The Araguaney is the typical tree of Venezuela known with the name of Tabebuia Chrysantha. On the other hand, in the Arab world, the term " ' aryuani " defines the yellow very alive one, color that distinguishes us.

With his five stars and a privileged summons, it is the ideal place for the celebration of all kinds of events.

The kind dealing and the excellent attention of the personnel, they are our features identificativos.

Our hotel is provided with 81 completely equipped and comfortable rooms. He emphasizes the classic touch in most of them, in contrast with more modern and avant-garde those.

In the corridors and rooms, they hang artists' works like Quintana Martelo, Felipe Criado, Antón Patiño or Acisclo Manzano between others. Fact that distinguishes us and us posiciona as hotel of art

INICIO > HOTEL > History