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The Araguaney takes more than one quarter of century to the service of his clients, offering them an exclusive dealing, in an elegant ambience. His big variety of ambiences they form it as a perfect place for any type of celebration or event.

For the most demanding as for gastronomy, it is the perfect option to enjoy the traditional Galician kitchen and of other cultures (Arab, Mexican ...). Thousands of flavors can taste in the famous Restaurant Log cabin of the hotel. It offers also the possibility of penetrating into the world of the art across his big artistic present patrimony into lounges, rooms and the gallery of exhibitions with which it is provided.

Also, it provides to his clients spaces to relax as the swimming pool, the gymnasium and the sauna. Also he has several lounges with aptitude to lodge a big number of persons, be already for meetings, congresses or special banquets.

Car park deprived at the disposal of his clients.

Undoubtedly, it is the ideal place to stay at vacation, urban escapes or business trips.

INICIO > HOTEL > Ambiences